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Real ID Act 2005

Initiative To Secure A Nation

Following the REAL ID Act of 2005, Z-Square Technology has created a fully compliant America’s ID™ (AID) Drivers License and Identification Card system which meets all 18 benchmarks set forth by the Department of Homeland Security. These 18 benchmarks are required for REAL ID implementation as of May 2011. Z-Square Technology has done extensive research in designing and developing the ISO/IEC 18013-1 formatted system. This design has the following capabilities:

▪   More secure from counterfeiting and alteration than the previous Driver’s License and Identification Card.

▪   Allows authorities to verify the authenticity of the document.

▪   Integrates the personal data into a secure ID-1 size medium.

▪   Allows a more reliable identification of the license holder.

▪   Facilitates information exchange and mutual recognition among motor vehicle authorities.

▪   Allows the domestic driver’s license (DDL) and ID that meets this Standard to serve simultaneously as an ISO compliant driver’s license (IDL).

The REAL ID Act is designed to protect identities driver’s license and identification cards while eliminating fraud and improving the customer experience. The Act was issued under federal guidelines after the 9/11 attacks period when it was discovered that the hijackers had among them 30 state-issued IDs and Driver’s Licenses in order to travel on the airplanes. Thus far, five states have submitted REAL ID compliance packages to the Department of Homeland Security and thirty-six are materially or substantially materially compliant now or likely will be by the REAL ID compliance deadline of January 15, 2013.

Policy Enforcement

America’s ID™ (AID) assists and manages client’s implementation of REAL ID by transforming the current over-the-counter driver’s license issuing system to a centralized issuance structure. Adhering to the ISO/IEC 18013-1 design format, AID assures compliant standards are met through considerable research and verification of all proper regulations. This design format regulates interoperability issues for physical characteristics, basic data set and machine-readable technologies in various regions.

Civilian Validation of Authenticity

America’s ID™ increases the efficiency for verification of legal presence of civilians in the United States. Using three forms of modular biometric validation, identities are captured and scanned through a nationwide database for legality and integrity of civilian. This process regulates the civilian’s legal status for attaining a REAL ID/DL.

Biometric Recording

Biometric authentication uses the distinctive measurable characteristics of an individual in order to confirm the user’s identity. America’s ID™(AID) ensures the validation of the applicant’s credibility, legal status and background history.

▪   Facial Recognition

▪   Signature

▪   Fingerprint

By using these three forms of biometrics, verification of authorization is ensured for DL/ID security.

Other Verifiable Documents for Security

As part of the requirements for being issued a REAL ID/DL, the applicant must also submit identity and personal information including their Social Security Number and Birth Certificate. AID processes these forms for further verification of their legal status and presence. The forms run through designated electronic verification methods to authenticate that no fraudulent identity has been attempted. AID issues a fully compliant REAL ID/DL card containing a gold star inside a circle. REAL ID/DL cards that are compliant to meet most standards are issued a gold star.

Reliable Issuance

Validating legal status is essential to recognizing the credentials of those who are attaining a REAL ID/DL. Securing identities of citizens combines the effort of local, state and federal matters, a large scale initiative, brought on by a need for security harmonization across the United States. America’s ID™(AID) provides three biometric measures for the integration and issuance purposes for each applicant’s ID or DL card.

Efficient Law Regulation

To verify the prior license from other states and for license termination from any other state or territory, AID uses the AAMVA/MV database. In real time, the system provides the details of all applications received for REAL ID/DL for national verification.

The system promptly informs when employee/personnel attempt to create a duplicate of an already existing REAL ID/DL.

AID ensures the system keeps a log of all duplicate requests and activities log by personnel for auto-audit purposes.

Securing Borders 

America’s ID™ helps to facilitate and manage border patrol on a national and international level. With REAL ID/DL, cardholders offer security patrol and inspection officers their identity verification which allows for a much more convenient and rapid way of passing through security platforms into different domains. Showing the gold compliant star on the user’s card offers authenticity and a reliable method for providing a more efficient traveling experience using REAL ID.

Enterprise Supremacy

America’s ID™ offers a balanced integration process by providing a network for central issuance of REAL ID/DL. This protects from tampering of data to be stored on each card. Full security measures are taken to ensure the printing of cards is regulated and balanced. Each printed card is checked for quality assurance before being issued to applicant. At this stage, quality will be checked on all mandated information based on the Personal Identification-AAMVA North American Standards-DL/ID Card Design July 2009 standards. Also the card durability, security laminates and card security designs are verified.

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Civilian Validation of Authenticity
Civilian Validation of Authenticity
Civilian Validation of Authenticity
Civilian Validation of Authenticity
Civilian Validation of Authenticity