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Z-Square Technology (ZST) Announces Karim Ghachem, Leading Financial Consultant, to the Board of Advisors

Syed Gilani, CEO and President of Z- Square Technology (ZST) has confirmed that one of the leading financial consultant strategists, Karim Ghachem, has joined the Board of Advisors of Z-Square Technology.

Leading security systems provider, Z-Square Technology provides America’s ID™, the next generation identity card and driver’s license system which meets all REAL ID standards set out by the U.S. Congress’s REAL ID Act of 2005. Z-Square Technology is a wholly owned subsidiary of TABS Group International (TGI), world’s fast growing a global technology, research, marketing, and training company.

CEO and President of ZST is excited to welcome Mr. Ghachem to the board. “Karim Ghachem comes not only with a strong financial sector background but also brings with him essential skills from his U.S. marine Marine corps’ Corps service. His extraordinary success in career will translate into the strength of Z-Square Technology in the highly competitive market of security systems.”

Karim Ghachem has over ten years of experience working at the world’s foremost financial institutions where he established and manages their leading client base. He received a Bachelor’s of Arts at Tufts University in Cambridge, Massachusetts and went on to serve the United States Marine Corps Officer Development Command in Quantico, Virginia. Becoming a U.S. Veteran, Mr. Ghachem joined Brown Brothers Harriman and Credit Agricole where he developed and managed top institutional relationships. He then joined State Street Corporation in Boston and New York where he oversaw their business development with Institutional investors and established many of their most prominent relationships.

Mr. Ghachem spent fifteen years living in Saudi Arabia and then the United Arab Emirates where he cultivated an extensive network of business partners and investors. He is consulted by investment banks, hedge funds, energy companies, governments, media, and technology firms to structure and implement business development strategies and raise capital for a multitude of projects, investment funds and joint ventures.

About the CEO and President of ZST
Syed Gilani is a seasoned entrepreneur with global vision and international business management acumen, Syed Gilani has more than 17 years of proven experience in transforming business ideas into profitable global enterprise with a deep understanding of North American, Caribbean, European and Asian Markets. Mr. Gilani is also the CEO and President of TABS Group International (TGI), the parent company of ZST and almost half a dozen other technology service-providing companies..

About Z-Square Technology (ZST)
Z-Square Technology is a leading security technology management systems provider. Enabling organizations to better develop their electronic products and integrate different hardware and software in a faster and more cost-effective manner. Z-Square Technology provides complete consultancy, software and hardware development through already tested processes and hardware integration, while at the same time offering customized solution development support for unique performance in a competitive market.

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