Z-Square Technology provides the highest quality security technology software. When it comes to the most innovative, sustainable and high performance solutions, Z-Square Technology is certainly a market leader. We offer a finished product that adds value and provides 100% quality assurance. Our organization centric approach is based on expertise, a large knowledge-base, and futuristic project modeling; ingredients that are essential for the success of your mission. We believe that your success is an integral part of our success and therefore, we work hard to provide you with the right balance of understanding, forward thinking technology, value, and attention.

Who We Are

Z-Square Technology is a leading security technology management systems provider. We enable organizations to develop better electronic products, integrate different hardware and software faster and more cost-effectively. Our expertise helps you to concentrate your resources on hardware development while we provide you with the market’s best software solution, helping you achieve more. Our highly flexible and customized solutions bring a unique edge to your business in a highly challenging environment.

As you work diligently to introduce your products into the market, we help you unify your hardware and software products into a user-centric solution, making your services transparent and completely seamless. We understand that sometimes migration to newer technologies creates extensive pressure on your engineering and product development teams – exceeding available resources and putting your product at risk. Therefore, we work as your associate in optimizing tool flow for your specific design and manufacturing strategy thus giving you high performance, better yield and a competitive edge over your competition.

Z-Square Technology provides you with complete consultancy, software and hardware development through already tested processes and hardware integrations. You will receive customized solution development support to assure exceptional performance in a competitive market. The answer to your very question, how you can achieve most without major investment or resource allocation, is provided to you in the most cost-effective manner by Z-Square Technology.

Z-Square Technology has been serving technology companies and businesses around the world since 2000. Our global experience and diverse client base is a testament to the fact that each client is as important as the one before. We pride ourselves in serving our clients to the utmost because we are well aware that our client’s success is our success.


With the development of America’s ID™, fully compliant under the REAL ID Act, Z-Square Technology provides the solution to a national need to ensure that identity security is managed carefully and reliably. We intend to safe guard America’s national security through our technologically advanced driver licensing system in partnership with Motor Vehicle Departments throughout the US.