Our secure credentialing solution suite is designed with a modular approach to meet all or selective needs of the market.

Secure credentials are used worldwide to ensure protection of citizens and borders. Z-Square Technology (ZST) provides the industry’s leading and most comprehensive secure credentialing solution, America’s ID™. Our secure credentialing solutions are suited for both government and private organizations. We provide cutting –edge secure credentialing solutions for the issuance of driver’s licenses, national identity cards and organizational and government IDs, voter’s registration cards, passports and other travel documents as well as for many other sectors.


“We provide complete secure credentialing solutions for state and local authorities, federal government agencies, commercial organizations, and international agencies.”


We provide expertise and a complete solution to implement 21st century secure credentialing. Our secure credentialing solution provides a unique single interface that works seamlessly online and in kiosk environments offering our clients a powerful system that is capable of proposing services to applicants through various channels.

Our secure credentialing solution offers complete enrollment, biometric gathering, complete background verification, card design, issuance and printing solutions.



We provide a state-of-the-art secure credentialing solution that is fully capable to conform to your needs. Our “Lego Approach” allows our clients to choose the most suitable components of our system to meet their business objectives.

Following are some of the many features capable of our credentialing system:


We fully understand the dynamics of today’s market and know that your interaction with your customers starts long before they step into your physical office. Therefore, we have created the world’s most flexible system that provides a multi-channel approach to your customers through our “Flex-Access” technology. Our secure credentialing system comes equipped with fully integrated and user-friendly online, mobile, tablet, and kiosk interfaces. This reduces wait times by starting the enrollment process and improves the customer experience by providing interactive tools via web, mobile, and kiosks as they manage their business with your organization.

Our Flex-Access feature is provided through the following products:


Each of our Flex-Access products offers different variations to meet unique needs for your customers. Exclusively designed to meet your business objectives, our secure credentialing system is filled with on-the-go interactive features to provide convenience and flexibility for your customers. Some of our Flex-Access features include:

• Information Dissemination

• Appointment Scheduling

• Enrollment

• Payment

• Updates

• And much more!

To learn more about our Flex-Access product line, contact sales@zsquaretech.com

Enrollment & Processing

The enrollment and processing suite of America’s ID offers the industry’s most user-friendly and intuitive front-end system which can help you improve your productivity and increase customer satisfaction. Fully integrated with our Flex-Access suite and uniquely designed to provide your front-end staff with an easy and efficient one-window interface, our front-end suite allows for the industry’s quickest enrollment and processing of applicants.

Our enrollment and processing suite offers the following features:

• Biometric Login

• Data Collection and Verification

• Smart Queuing

• Image Capture & Facial Recognition

• Signature & Fingerprints Capture

• Document Authentication, Scanning & Archiving

• Integrated Knowledge, Skills and Vision Testing

Background Verification

America’s ID secure credentialing system provides the most comprehensive and intelligent background verification tools in the industry. Our Background Verification Suite (BVS) is fully automated and uses manual verification features to authenticate and validate the important credentials of applicants. America’s ID intelligently manages applicants’ information and provides intuitive and powerful tools for the investigators to look closely into any record.

We understand the importance of verifying all required credentials; therefore, our fully automated and integrated investigative console provides organizations to run complete background checks and smartly manage their detail investigations.

Our Background Verification Suite (BVS) allows you to easily manage the following verifications:

• 1:N Facial Recognition

• Social Security Verification (SSOLV)

• Electronic Verification of Vital Events (EVVE)

• Passport Verification (SAVE)

• Commercial Driver’s License Information System (CDLIS)

• Problem Driver Pointer System (PDPS)