Z-Square Technology offers the industry’s most advanced, comprehensive, and intelligent modernization system, AID-IMS. Designed to meet today’s DMV needs, our Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) modernization system provides enriched features to meet all departmental needs. Our survey of legacy systems in many DMVs has revealed several challenges like slow operations, inflexible systems, little or no integration with third-party systems, lack of proper monitoring and reporting capabilities, department-wide inefficiencies, and noncompliance with regulations. Legacy systems have made already complicated DMV processes even more cumbersome and costly. We fully understand the complicated processes behind issuing a secure driver’s license, vehicle registration and have covered all possible business in helping DMVs for managing their both short and long-term operations with ease and confidence.

Z-Square Technology has carefully developed its (COTS) modernization system, AID-IMS, to provide DMVs with the most intuitive and comprehensive modernization solution, which includes powerful systems like:

• Driver’s License System
• Commercial Driver’s License System
• Vehicle Registration System
• Titling System
• Financial Responsibility System
• Hearing and Violations System
• Inspection System
• Dealership System
• Inventory Control System
• Robust Communication System
• Notification & Alert System
• Online Interfaces
• Comprehensive and Rapid Reporting System
• And Many Auxiliary Systems

Our Experience:

Z-Square Technology comes from the family of innovators, TGI. Creating powerful, user-friendly, scalable, and comprehensive solutions is in our DNA. The proof of our solutions is evident from the fact that even as a young company we have already successfully deployed our solutions in the United States and DMVs around the country have labeled our modernization solution as “the most intuitive and user-friendly system”. AID-IMS is developed around the DMVs needs and no effort is spared to ensure that every aspect of our solution meets and exceeds DMVs’ needs. Instead of customizing a costly off-the-shelf and irrelevant platform, our intelligent modernization solution provides a cost effective and scalable solution to the DMVs.

Features of AID-IMS:

Mobility: AID-IMS system is developed while keeping in mind rapid change in technology trends. We believe that we are not only designing a system for today’s demographic but also for our upcoming applicants who like to stay mobile and require instant service anywhere, anytime.

Usability: Ease of use is another important element in AID-IMS at all levels. Our system architecture and user interface provide intuitive features which reduce processing times and improve user productivity and customer satisfaction.

Scalability: “Lets Empower Today’s DMV!” is the guiding mantra behind this important element of AID-IMS. We understand DMVs’ budgetary constraints; therefore, we have created a system that is highly scalable at minimal cost to the DMVs.

Readily Deployable: AID-IMS is a COTS solution that is readily deployable with little or no configuration while reducing implementation costs.

America’s ID – Intelligent Modernization System (AID-IMS) provides Motor Vehicle Departments with the most powerful modernization solution in the industry. Our robust project and change management team works closely with your Department to provide successful deployment of our solution. Our leadership and training teams ensure that your agency/department is fully trained and ready to work with the industry’s most intuitive, powerful, and comprehensive modernization solution.