Gov Avenues with Former Foreign Minister of Pakistan

Lahore, Pakistan (October 28, 2013)—Syed Gilani, CEO of secure credentialing software company Z-Square Technology and the Former Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri met to discuss the potential opportunities for securing Smart Government solutions in Pakistan. Both parties showed a willingness to collaborate and establish enhanced government and public related security solutions to the Asian market starting with Pakistan. Former Minister Khurshid Kasuri expressed interest in working with Z-Square Technology to engage in new technologies in order to create and build a comprehensive government sector for the country.


Mr. Gilani debated with the Former Minister different avenues in which they could harmonize technology solutions for the advancement of the government industry. Mr. Gilani presented a vision to streamline operation and workflow processes that would reduce administration and management procedures between departments while increasing productivity for front and back end systems. The conversations flowed with opportunities to integrate databases, incorporate real time reporting, and unify departmental activities with a complete, robust software solution that could offer a synchronized technology for civil servants and citizens. Syed Gilani expressed his enthusiasm in a statement, “Z-Square Technology is looking forward to expanding into new markets with the right research and development to introduce secure technology solutions. We will conduct full consultancy in order to deliver a tailored solution to meet the needs of the region in offering the best matched approach.”


About Foreign Minister Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri

Former Foreign Minister of Pakistan Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri was in office from 2002 to 2007 where he was recognized for his diplomatic skills. From the 1970s-1980s Kasuri served as director of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe Affairs in the Foreign ministry. He became politically active through the MRD alliance lead by Benazir Bhutto, while continuing his Foreign Service assignments in the USSR. In foreign politics, he influenced the stabilization of relations with Israel, Russia, India and the European Union.


About Z-Square Technology

Z-Square Technology (ZST) is a security technology management provider. Its core product, AID, offers the industry’s leading and comprehensive secure credentialing solutions. ZST offers cutting –edge solutions for the issuance of driver’s licenses, national identity cards and organizational and government IDs, voter’s registration cards, passports and other travel documents as well as for many other sectors. Our core technology provides a complete ID management solution along with the expertise needed to implement a 21st century secure credentialing system.