Launch of Z-Square Technology

Syed Gilani, CEO and President of TABS Group International (TGI) announces the launch of Z-Square Technology, a wholly owned subsidiary.

Z-Square Technology will be a leading security technology systems provider. The goal of the organization will be to enable organizations to develop better software and electronic products, integrate different hardware and software faster and more cost-effectively. Z-Square Technology aims to provide complete consultancy, software and hardware development through industry-tested processes and hardware integration while offering customized solution development support to assure unique performance in a competitive market.

The experienced team of Z-Square Technology will help the companies and organizations to concentrate their resources on their business objectives while we provide them with the market’s best software solution, helping them achieve more. Our highly flexible and customized solutions bring a unique edge to the businesses in a very challenging environment.– Syed Gilani

Z-Square Technology’s flagship product is America’s ID™, the next generation identity card and driver’s license system which meets all REAL ID standards set out by the U.S. Congress’s REAL ID Act of 2005. “Having developed America’s ID™, which is fully compliant under the REAL ID Act, Z-Square Technology provides the solution to a national need to assure that identity security is managed carefully and reliably. We hold firm to safeguarding America’s national security.”


Z-Square Technology’s headquarters is in Kendall Square, Massachusetts, the world’s center of innovation.


TABS Group International (TGI)


TGI provides unparalleled global business solutions around the world and is a world leader in the development of customizable cutting edge technology. TGI, the parent company of Virgin Islands’ leading technology, research, marketing and training company BIZVI Group and numerous other technology based services, has been providing technology based robust business solutions to a large number of government, nonprofit and private organizations in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Continental United States and around the world. TGI continues to expand its services in the sectors of labor, education, law and order, civic services, and economic development amongst others.


TGI was established in 2000 under the leadership of Mr. Syed Gilani. With his proven entrepreneurial skills and global vision Mr. Gilani continues to transform his business ideas into extremely profitable global enterprises with a deep understanding of North American, Caribbean, European and Asian Markets. Mr. Gilani was honored as one of the 50 Outstanding Asian Business Leaders in America by AABDC.