Z-Square Technology’s Summer with AAMVA

Z-Square Technology is making head way with their attendance at the summer conference series for the American Association for Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA). Participants of the conferences include jurisdictional leaders from the U.S., Canada, and outer lying regions; topics ranged from road safety concerns, new driving technologies and current automobile and driver trends. Z-Square was able to meet and discuss with various jurisdictional attendees to better understand the challenges they face.


The conference series is broken up into regional conferences around the participating jurisdictions, with this year’s locations starting in St. Louis, MO, headed to Vancouver, BC, continued at Biloxi, MI and landed in Toronto, ON. Wrapping up the regional conferences is the international conference this year taking place in Dover, DE at the end of the summer. The conferences prove to be an enlightening experience for exhibitors and jurisdictional attendees alike. The agenda of each conferences combines panel discussions, exhibition hall interaction and cultural activities for attendees to learn from, offer their expertise and enjoy. Many of the meals are shared together to offer a sense of common ground as the value exchange of exhibitors and jurisdictional members tend to pick up speed.


Each conference is designed to provide an adequate amount of discussion on driver and vehicle topics, as well as interaction among vendors and jurisdictions to foster collaboration on new and emerging technologies. Marketing manager of Z-Square Technology Ms. Veronica Rousseau noted, “AAMVA promotes the necessary communication channel for vendors in this space to connect with the right people to improve on their products and services. The invaluable networking and exchange of information that happens at the conferences is easily captured and the expertise that attendees have is shared throughout the event.”



About Z-Square Technology

Z-Square Technology (ZST) provides innovative and comprehensive secure credentialing solutions. Our America’s ID product suite is designed from the ground up to address the challenges faced today by motor vehicle departments, state and federal government departments. ZST provides cutting–edge secure credentialing solutions for the issuance of driver’s licenses, national identity cards, government IDs, voter’s registration cards, passports and other secure documents.